Swing Bed Program

What you need to know about this program that is available

at Albany Area Hospital for those requiring an extended stay.


· Enrollment in the Medicare Part A or a private program that insures skilled nursing facility days.

· Qualifying 3 day (3 midnights) hospital stay prior to admission into a swing bed.

· Require a skilled service that a patient is actively participating in the making progress toward established goals.


Qualifying skilled services include:

· Skilled nursing minimum 7 days/week.

· Physical or occupational therapy minimum 5 days/week

· Medication administration and adjustment.

· IV therapy

· Wounds needing daily skilled care. 



At Albany Area Hospital the ultimate goal of a Swing Bed stay is to provide the patient with an interdisciplinary team approach to allow for a safe discharge with improved functional abilities.


 Introducing our Interdisciplinary Team:


Rehabilitation Services

The physical therapy member of the team addresses the physical mobility aspect of your needs.  A licensed, physical therapist will do an in-depth evaluation of your needs.  Speech therapy, and occupational therapy are available when ordered by your physician. Once the evaluation is complete, goals are developed with you and your family to prepare you for your return to the community. 


The philosophy of the nursing department is to treat you as an individual, using the holistic approach. Twenty-four hour coverage by a professional nurse is part of our care. You will be checked on at regular intervals throughout each 24 hours. You may receive assistance in your daily living activities but the emphasis is on maintaining or returning to your highest level of independence. 

Physician Services

Your attending physician will make a weekly visit or more as needed during your stay. 

Pharmaceutical Services

Medications will be ordered from the hospital pharmacy. Only non-covered medications will be billed directly to you. 

Clergy/Pastoral Care

Upon your request, your pastor/rabbi is notified that you are a patient and is welcome to visit at any time. The hospital chaplain will visit weekly or more frequently upon your request. A chapel is available for quiet time and prayer. Upon admission, you will be asked to be listed on the clergy directory. Communion is available daily for our Catholic patients and other denominations upon request.  

Social Services

Social Services focus on assisting you and your family in adapting to changes due to your illness or injury.  The social worker will monitor your progress and adjustments, and provide support and counseling.  Social Services will also provide assistance with discharge planning and coordinate referrals to community services.


Activities help you use your leisure time in ways that enhance your health, independence and well-being.  We encourage you and your family to bring reading material, music, crafts, etc. that interest you. 


A Nutrition Services staff member will meet with you upon admission to determine your food preferences and eating habits. Every effort to personalize your diet within your physician’s orders will be made. Food items may be brought from home.  We ask that items from home are in covered containers and checked in with the nursing staff before served to you.

 Laundry Services

Due to limited laundry service, your family is asked to handle the laundering of your clothes. If you do not have the ability to do so, we will make arrangements to have your clothing laundered. We do ask that you have comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. These items should be labeled with your name.

Transition to Swing Bed from hospital status means incorporating the following:

·         Minimum weekly visits from the doctor and as needed throughout stay.

·         Increase participation in ADL’s (activities of daily living, i.e. self care, grooming and toileting).  Street clothes are encouraged instead of hospital gowns.

·         Increase physical activity as recommended, such as getting out of bed for meals and ambulation.

·         Involvement in managing medication, skin care, respiratory needs as appropriate.


  • Swing Bed Coordinator: Barb Beuning. RN
  • Social Worker: Mary Christensen, LMSW