Rehabilitation Services


Physical Therapists are on staff and available for evaluations, treatments or consultations. The emphasis of our Physical Therapy program is to assist patients in achieving their highest possible level of functional independence. Each patient referred to Physical Therapy is evaluated and staff works closely with the patient's attending physician in designing a treatment plan specific to his or her individual needs. All our therapists are experienced and have an excellent reputation for their comprehensive treatment programs and clinical outcomes.


Occupational Therapy (OT) is a component of the rehabilitation team that focuses on functional ability and regaining balance in one’s life following illness or injury. Occupational Therapy promotes functional independence by enhancing “activities of daily living” (i.e., any activity that is meaningful or necessary to the client). Our goal is to create a therapeutic environment, which enables a person to learn new ways to cope with the challenges of their lives in meaningful and enjoyable ways. Our occupational therapist works with patients of all ages to obtain full potential in fine motor skills. A variety of techniques are used to assist the patient in their recovery.


Speech and language therapy works to identify and treat patients who have speech and swallowing problems as well as cognition (e.g., attention, memory, visual-spatial processing etc). Patients learn to retrain muscles to do the work of those, which were damaged by illness or disease. Speech Therapists use a variety of treatments to assist the patient in recovery. As part of the rehabilitation team, our goal is to re-establish an ability to communicate for all activities of daily living.