The Albany Area Hospital & Medical Center, located in Albany, Minnesota, provides a wide-range of inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical services for people in the Albany area.  We provide our patients with the medical services and education needed to stay as healthy as possible. Our services are provided by an experienced and committed team of health care workers who are members of the communities we serve, sharing the same values and traditions as their neighbors. 

Employee experience and dedication are synonymous with quality medical care and personalized attention. We are proud of our staff and the valuable experience, excellent training and caring spirit they bring to the patients they serve. We are dedicated to maintaining a caring attitude and providing excellent customer service.    









Board of Directors

Advisory Board of Directors:
Ross Voit, Chairperson
Charlene Gerner, Vice Chairperson
Sandra Day, Administrator
Melissa Gerads
Lynn Schiffler
Judy Schneider
Janelle Wunderlich
Chad Cooper, CEO

Albany Area Hospital & Medical Center 

300 3rd Avenue 
Albany, MN  56307