Mission and Values

Our Mission

The Mission of Catholic Health Initiatives is to nurture the healing ministry of the Church by bringing it new life, energy and viability in the 21st century. Fidelity to the Gospel urges us to emphasize human dignity and social justice as we move toward the creation of healthier communities.


Our Core Values

Reverence: means profound awe, respect, and love.  Shaping relationships to self, to one another and to God, and acknowledging that we hold in trust all that has been given to us.

Observable Actions/Behaviors: 
• Respectful treatment of all persons. 
• Stewardship of resources. 
• Encouragement/seeking of diversity. 
• Commitment to care for the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. 
• Expressing gratitude and respect toward others. 
• Integrating spirituality into the workplace in care giving. 
• Accepting one another without judgment or discrimination.

Integrity:  means moral wholeness, soundness, uprightness, honesty, and sincerity, as a basis for trustworthiness.

Observable Actions/Behaviors: 
• Honesty in all actions. 
• Openness in communication. 
• Justice in all relationships. 
• Unconditional regard for the worth of all persons. 
• Being accountable for beliefs, attitudes, and actions. 
• Providing honest appraisal of one’s own and others’ strengths and areas for growth. 
• Maintaining confidentiality. 
• Courage to “walk the talk.”

Compassion:  means feeling with others, being one with others in their sorrows and joy, rooted in the sense of solidarity as members of the human community.

Observable Actions/Behaviors: 
• Treatment of others as we wish to be treated with respect for their dignity and need. 
• Listening with sensitivity. 
• Commitment to the common good. 
• Special concern for persons who are poor, vulnerable, dependent, and underserved. 
• Advocacy for those in need. 
• Celebrating successes and providing support in failures.

Excellence:  means outstanding achievement, merit, virtue, surpassing standards to achieve/maintain quality.

Observable Actions/Behaviors: 
• Continuous learning and development to improve self and performance. 
• Focus on the future as opportunity for progress and achievement. 
• Pioneering spirit, creativity, innovation, and appropriate risk-taking. 
• Maximizing resources through collaboration to achieve excellence. 
• Identifying and rewarding best practices.